You are vital to our success. It is our desire to add value, insight and direction in all facets of enhancing your brand by providing services that uniquely evaluate, develop and support you specific needs. As previously stated you are vital to our success, we can soar high together as a team. So let us help you.


Our background in broadcast productions (print, radio, television & internet), design and programming, social media marketing, mental health and wellness concerns, life strategy/coaching just to name a few, exemplifies our broad-based capacity yet unique and specific strategies for your overall growth and success.


Keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date as markets change and technologies evolve is critical to the success of your brand. McBride Master Management gives you a solid foundation in the latest concepts and practices for managing traditional and emergent media platforms, project finances, multi-faceted marketing, mastering and distribution.


Today's multi-media options are more diversified than ever, yet the core premise remains the same. How do we paint a vivid picture to exemplify your brand? In the online community, videos are becoming the primary way of communicating. Whether you're considering a promotional video, a product demo, a commercial promo, a business expo or a live-streaming multi-camera event, we can help.  The use of video online as a marketing tool is a great way to publicize your brand, improve user experience and accentuate your presence in the major search engines.  For your convenience we offer:

·        Full Service Video Production

·        Concept, Scripting and Creative Assistance

·        Advertising on various Social Media Platforms

·        Multi-Media Graphic Designs

·        Website Publication and Administration

·        Contemporary Photography Services

·        Duplication of old media to DVD

·        Full Audio Recording Capabilities

·        Royalty Free Music Library

  From writing to filming, from studio sessions to location shoots, from animation to editing, everything you need is here at McBride Master Management.